Respirator Fit Testing

Respirator Fit Testing

OSHA Respirator Fit Testing in Long Beach, CA

The OSHA respirator standard applies to all occupational airborne exposures to contaminated air where the employee is:

  • Exposed to a hazardous level of an airborne contaminant; or
  • Required by the employer to wear respirators; or
  • Permitted to wear respirators.

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OSHA & CDC Compliant

Respirator Fit Testing Information

Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing:

Qualitative fit testing (QLFT) is a pass/fail test technique that detects leakage into the respirator facepiece by using one’s sense of taste or smell or response to an irritant. The quantity of leakage is not measured during QLFT. The simple detection of test material leaks into the facepiece determines whether the respirator passes or fails the test.

4 Qualitative Fit Test Methods Approved by OSHA:

  • Isoamyl Acetate (Smells like bananas)

  • Saccharin (Leaves a sweet taste in your mouth)

  • Bitrex (Leaves a bitter taste in your mouth)

  • Irritant Smoke (Causes coughing)

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing:

Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) does not rely on your sense of taste, smell, or irritation to detect leakage; instead, it employs a machine to quantify the actual quantity of leakage into the facepiece.

Quantitative Fit Testing Requirements:

As per OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard, 29 CFR 1910.134, all full-face respirators (FFRs) must meet or exceed a fit factor of 500. Hence, only Quantitative FIT Testing is permitted for fit testing of FFRs.

Reliable fit test results to make well-informed decisions about workers' respiratory health

Respirator Fit Testing in Long Beach, CA

What industries do we serve?

Skyline Health Group can perform your respirator fit test to comply with any employment or government regulations. A few industries we serve regularly are:

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Confined Space
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Fire Fighting
  • Metal Production &
  • Others


Let our experts help you develop and implement an OSHA-compliant respiratory protection program (RRP) to make annual fit testing and fit testing for new hires easy on you.