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In need of a DOT physical near Long Beach, CA? We offer DOT physical exams here at Skyline Health Group – Long Beach DOT Exams. Renew your CDL medical card with us. Call our office today (818) 922-7755!

You can take your drug and alcohol test right here with Skyline Health Group! Based out of Long Beach, CA, we offer drug screening and breath alcohol testing. Call now to schedule your test or contact us for the opportunity for us to work with your company and employees for your testing needs.

A DOT Physical includes a thorough examination of your overall health, vision, hearing, blood pressure, and neurological functions. It also assesses your ability to perform essential job functions safely. Get your DOT physical here with us in Long Beach!

A drug and alcohol test typically involves urine or breath analysis to screen for prohibited substances. The tests aim to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace as mandated by DOT regulations. Schedule your drug and alcohol tests with us here at Skyline Health Group!


In a DOT physical, our NRCME assess your general health, vision, hearing, blood pressure, and neurological functions. It also includes a review of your medical history to ensure you meet the required standards for safety-sensitive positions. Contact our office or Dr. Silva if you have further questions!


DOT physical requirements include meeting specific health standards, especially regarding vision, hearing, blood pressure, and overall fitness for the demands of the job. Compliance ensures your safety on the road!


The respirator fit test ensures that a respirator forms a tight seal on the wearer’s face, preventing the inhalation of harmful substances. It is crucial for protecting individuals in environments where respiratory protection is necessary. Schedule your mask fit testing with us today!

Respirator fit testing should be conducted annually, whenever a new respirator is used, or if there are significant changes to facial features. Regular testing ensures continued effectiveness and your safety on the job! Contact us to schedule your mask fit test today.

Respirator fit testing should be conducted by a qualified individual trained in the proper procedures; this often includes occupational health professionals or safety personnel. Our very own NRCME, Dr. Silva, will conduct your respirator fit test! If you have further specific questions, please feel free to contact us.


Pulmonary function tests measure lung capacity and function. They are commonly performed by having the individual breathe into a spirometer, which records various lung parameters. Schedule your PFT in Long Beach with us today!

Pulmonary function tests usually take 30 mins- 1 hour. Depending on any additional specific tests being conducted, this could take longer. Skyline Health Group offers pulmonary function testing in Long Beach, CA. Contact us to schedule yours!


A complete pulmonary function test includes spirometry, lung volume measurements, and diffusion capacity assessments. These tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of your lung function.

Pulmonary function tests are typically conducted by respiratory therapists, pulmonologists, or other healthcare professionals trained in respiratory care. Dr. Silva, our very own NRCME, will conduct your pulmonary fit test! If you have further specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

Improving pulmonary function may involve lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, regular exercise, and following medical advice. During your PFT, feel free to ask Dr. Silva and consult based on your lifestyle and health.

DOT physical exams should be conducted by a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Dr. Silva is our NRCME and will perform your DOT physical examination.

To lower blood pressure for a DOT physical, you can focus on lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management, and medication adherence under medical guidance. For personalized advice, consult Dr. Silva during your DOT physical.

An injury is OSHA recordable if it results in death, days away from work, restricted work, transfer to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid, or loss of consciousness.